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Energenesis-Biomedical announced collaborators from 15 universities/institutes in funds for “2019 Grant in collaboration with EB”.

Energenesis-Biomedical focuses on accelerating all stages of drug development and solving unmet needs in patients. Against this backdrop, Energenesis-Biomedical announced the project “2019 Grant in collaboration with EB”, to encourage biomedical experts to form collaborations with EB in new drug development.

After the announcement, lots of biological experts from Taiwan had applied the project. After the two-step selection process, 15 research teams are selected for funding. These experts come from 12 different universities/institutes in Taiwan, including NTU, NYM, NHRI, and FJU. Energenesis-Biomedical provided a total budget for the fund is NT50 million, of which NT15 million is approved in this year.