Core Technology

ENERGI-F703  (Diabetic Foot Ulcers Treatment, Gel)


ENERGI-F703 is a gel for external use accelerating healing of diabetes-caused wounds, mainly by activating AMPK inside cells to boost the density of ATP, energy molecules, in tissues near the wounds. Cellular and animal tests show that the application of ENERGI-F703 can produce the following effects: (1) reducing inflammation of endothelial cells of blood vessels; (2) accelerating the fibrosis of fibroblasts in the skin of wounds and increasing the deposition of collagen and the formation of granulation tissues; (3) speeding up the healing of wounds by promoting the migration of epithelia cells in the skin of wounds (Figure 1). Via the utilization of diabetic model mouse, it's proven that the application of ENERGI-F703 gel on wounds can accelerate healing of wounds (Figure 2).

With the approval of U.S. FDA and Taiwan FDA, ENERGI-F703 embarked on a phase II trial (NCT02672436) at several medical centers in Taiwan since March 2017.


Figure 1. ENERGI-F703 enhances the migration of fibroblast cells in the in vitro wound healing experiments.
Figure 2. The results of wounding healing using db/db diabetic mice.