Core Technology

ENERGI-F706  (Cachexia Control)

According to statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, malignant tumor (cancer) has topped the list of 10 major causes for the death of local people for 34 years in a row. Cachexia demonstrates abnormal energy metabolism of cancer patients, as they have bad appetite and lose weight, due to the factors of body, psychology, and treatment, which slash the length of survival. Energenesis Biomedical's ENERGI-F706 targets cachexia. The research model of fat cell shows that F706 can increase and activate critical PPAR-y (Peroxisome Proliferators Activated Receptor gamma) in cells, thereby accelerating and promoting differentiation of fat cells.

Animal test also shows that via absorption of glucose and promotion of ATP synthesis, ENERGI-706 can alleviate weight loss caused by tumor, underscoring potential of ENERGI-F706 in alleviating cachexia-induced weight loss.