About us


Founded in 2012 and granted the qualification of biomedicine company by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2015, Energenesis Biomedical Co., Ltd. aspires to become a new star in Taiwan's biomedicine industry. Energenesis Biomedical employs unique ENERGI medicine development platform, activating AMP activated protein kinase (AMPK) and thereby enhancing cellular energy, for the cure of diseases. ENERGI platform boasts extensive applications, capable of developing a multitude of new medicines. New medicines being developed by the company which have entered the stage of clinical trials include ENERGI-F703, gels for treating diabetes foot ulcer, which has embarked on a phase II trial in Taiwan, following approval by the U.S. FDA in May 2016, and ENERGI-F701, scheduled for phase II trial starting the second quarter of 2018, on top of eight others which are undergoing preclinical projects. Backed by a solid R&D team, Energenesis Biomedical has entered into cooperation with domestic and overseas academic and research bodies, sustaining research dynamism and resulting in an abundant product lineup. During the development process of pharmaceuticals, the company has been in active talks with foreign pharmaceutical firms for technology transfer, in order to maximize the intellectual-property benefits from new medicines. Despite its young team, Energenesis Biomedical has a strong sense of mission, taking advantage of its strong power in execution and judgment in a relentless quest for constant improvement of its expertise and technology, so as to maximize the curing effect of new medicines and thereby provide humanity safer treatment and a life with higher quality. Energenesis Biomedical is proud to be an indigenous Taiwanese pharmaceutical startup, aiming to make substantive contribution to the global biotech industry and become a shining star on the global stage.