Dyes and Buffer

VisPRO 5 Minutes Protein Stain Kit

VisPRO™ 5 Minutes Protein Stain Kit utilizes imidazole and zinc ions precipitate in the gel and reveal the protein position in only 5 minutes. The detection sensitivity can be reached to 1ng, competitive with silver stain and SYPRO ruby. VisPRO™ stains the gel rather than the protein sample and will not interact with the protein sample. The stained target protein can be eluted directly and apply downstream experiments, such as Western blotting, LCMSMS analysis. The staining solution is also highly stable, non-biohazard to operator and environment.


Visual Protein offers various buffer solutions, commonly used in various experiments, thereby helping researchers cut operating time.


6X Laemmli SDS Sample Buffer

PBS Buffer

PBS Tween-20 Buffer

TBS Buffer

TBS Tween-20 Buffer

SDS-PAGE Running Buffer

Western Blot Transfer Buffer