Microarray and biological information analysis experiment service

Microarray and biological information analysis experiment service boasts the two major technologies of DNA microarray chips and systematic biological analysis, using DNA microarray chips for synthesizing probe primer and specimens in advance, thereby obtaining data on expressions of different genes before subjecting the massive data to systematic biological analysis for transformation into useful information and then using the analytical results for establishment of related metabolism and adjustment/control channels, rather than a bunch of puzzling figures on changes of gene expressions.

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Microarray and biological





Utilize Microarray for analysis of gene expression and transform resulting figures into valuable information via the systematic arrangement systematic biology.

  1. RNA extraction
  2. Reverse transcription of cDNA
  3. Chip assay
  4. Gene ontology systematic biological analysis
  5. Metacore 系統生物學分析
Four to five weeks


The service employs Affmetrix chip, the leading brand for microarray chip, as well as the chip drawing the study of largest number of papers. The chip employs photolithography and light-guiding method, as well as DNA synthesis technology which synthesizes nucleotide on a slide, featuring high yield rate and stability, boosting the convincing power of papers for publication in journals or posting onto GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus).   

Service flow​

  1. Customer consulting: We will discuss with you on experiment and offer a quote.
  2. Delivery of specimen: Customer can notify the company to collect specimen or deliver it to the company via courier.
  3. Confirmation of specimen quality: Specimen will be first subject to quality confirmation, to assure their suitability for experiment.
  4. Execution of experiment: During the process of experiment, customers can inquire about its progress.
  5. Delivery of service report: After completion of experiment, a service report and related materials will be delivered to customers.


Notice for service​

  • For any questions on the service, please contact the company's Life Science Service Division at (Tel.: 886-2-26270835, for discussion on details of your needs.


Notices for delivery of specimen

  • Please download the document "order for Microarray and systematic biological  experiment service for specimen" and fill in service needs and related information on specimen, as basis for the company to carry out the service.
  • Please download and read the document "notices for preparation and delivery of specimen" before preparing specimen for analysis, along with the service order, before notifying the company to collect them or delivering them via courier to the company at Tel: 886-2-26270835, zip code: 11492, address: Fl., 6-3, No. 21, lane 583, Ruiguang Road, Neihu, Taipei, Biotech Service Division, Energenesis Biomedical)